The purchase of a home for some can be a daunting concept.  For most it is the largest single purchase of their lives and constitutes a significant milestone – that being “A Home Owner”.  
The selection of the RIGHT realtor is important because the home buying experience requires a financial transparency that can cause many to believe they cannot be successful.  

Elizabeth Hill comes from a family of entrepreneurs.  At an early age, you could find Elizabeth working side by side with her Father selling clothing, accessories and CD’s at pop up shops or flea markets in Topeka, Kansas.  She will admit that she did not initially relish the thought of getting up early on Saturday mornings; however, over time she began to enjoy the interactions with customers from varied backgrounds.  The experience allowed her to develop the confidence to help the customer find what they needed without being pushy.   

Elizabeth epitomizes honesty, integrity, commitment and passion. You can trust her to assist you from beginning to end to purchase the RIGHT home for you and your family.  Elizabeth has a BS in e-Business from the University of Phoenix and a MS in Psychology from Oklahoma State University. Through her academic preparation she has listening and business skills to help you determine the best home value for you within your budget.  

Elizabeth moved to Tulsa in 2001 and like most entrepreneurs, she tried many ventures to satisfy her entrepreneurial aspirations. Real Estate is where Elizabeth found her passion. In 2007, Elizabeth took the plunge and entered into a market that was crumbling due to the home and financial crisis. Elizabeth was able to establish solid relationships with a group of businesses within the financial, insurance and home building industries with integrity.  She was able to glean knowledge from those associations and merge it with her interpersonal expertise to assist many who thought they could not purchase a home to become homeowners!  She can do the same for You.   

Elizabeth is able to assist from start to finish to help YOUR success in the realty purchase:

• New Home Build
• Traditional Home Listing and Sales
• Short sale
• REO or foreclosure
• Commercial Properties

Elizabeth is married and has 4 children.  In her “spare” time she focuses on supporting her Husband and children in their varied activities! 

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